Lalgy Group

We are a company specialized in the transportation of various cargoes/loads, operating throughout the Mozambican territory and surrounding countries. Our head office is located in the city of Matola, Maputo Province, Mozambique.

Dynamism, safety and transparency are the main mottos of our company, which considers them essential foundations for the solidification of its activities, mainly to transform the transportation of cargoes/loads into a dynamic and safe process, establishing a relationship of trust, based on the total transparency with the clients.


Integrity is the foundation of our daily lives and what supports all the decisions we make.


We strive to understand the internal and external needs of customers, and we commit to delivering what we have promised. We are proud of our work and the success of our clients.


Differences are not obstacles, but valuable opportunities for learning. We treat everyone with respect regardless of race, origin, age, sex, belief, social position or relationship with Lalgy.


Aware that, in addition to investing in technology and diverse and sophisticated equipment, it is necessary to invest in professional qualification from which to obtain the best results, we make the quality in the services provided our differential, using additional efforts in mating the technology and training so that, together, they aggregate, resulting in the quality of the company.

It is thanks to this vision that Transportes Lalgy employ specially qualified professionals for their roles, guaranteeing quality in their work. All drivers, for example, are pre-approved by industry professionals, and remitted to various tests for a while, before the delivery of the work equipment and the customers' products are entrusted to them.